So, 3 years ago this weekend I landed in Jonesborough, Tennessee to immerse myself in the world of storytelling. I spent days sitting mesmerized by masterful tellers. This year I entered the National Storytelling Festival’s 2nd Annual StorySLAM competition by submitting a 2 minute overview of what would have to be a 5 minute story. A committee of judges selected 7 storytellers from all the submissions received between January and August.  I am so honored to be one of 7 storytellers to perform this Saturday. From what I hear there will be upwards of 1,000 people there to listen. I don’t expect to win -(wish me luck anyway, though). Even if my story is good,  I’m telling a sad story, and in my experience, sad stories rarely if ever win slams.  But, I AM aiming to do my very best to authentically share a meaningful story with good people. And, I’m just thrilled to be selected.

I also can’t wait to listen to the other tellers, the slam storytellers, yes, but also the master tellers I love ( Kim Weitkamp, Syd Lieberman, Milbre Burch, Bil Lepp) and the ones I’ve been eager to hear for the first time (Antonio Rocha, Rev. Robert Jones, Minton Sparks, David Novak….)

Off to Story Land!!!