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Allison’s NEW Single, “Can’t Take My Heart!” is available for download. Click BUY NOW to listen.


In the song, Allison gives cancer a piece of her mind, but not her heart! Alternate versions are available for more sensitive ears.Pay What You Want! 10% of proceeds go to mucosal melanoma research.

“Can’t Take My Heart!” features:
Allison Downey – Lead Vocal
Annie Capps – Harmonies
Rod Capps – Guitars & Back Up Vocals
John Austin – Bass Guitar & Back Up Vocals
Brian Morrill – Drums
Produced by: Michael Crittenden
Recorded on March 7, 2015 at Mackinaw Harvest Studios
© 2015 Allison Downey

Across the Sea


Across the Sea explores the gamut of life’s emotions through the themes of distance and longing without taking on a melancholy tone, due in large part to the lightness and humor of Allison’s stories and performances. The album takes us from the streets of a homeless person (“Please Help!”), to a middle school dance (“All That Matters”), to the dusty earth of Texas, fantasies of Ireland, an English pub at last call (“Across the Sea”), and the backyard filled with the critters (“More Than Human”). Stick around for hidden tracks from Allison’s alter-egos, Carmen & Melba!

Allison Downey – Lead Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
John Austin – 6-String Electric Bass
Annie Capps – Background Vocals
Rod Capps – Lead Electric & Guitars, Mandolin
Michael Crittenden – B-3 Organ, Piano, Percussion, Cello-Flavored Triton,
Brian Morrill – Drums, Percussion

Record Label: Mackinaw Harvest Music (MHM032)
Produced by: Michael Crittenden
Art Design by: Annie Capps
Release Date: March 11, 2008 © 2008 Addy Music/ ASCAP

Wind at Your Back


Wind at Your Back, Allison’s debut album, captures the spirit and intimacy of her live performances, with the help of some of Austin, Texas’ top musicians. The album kicks off with the rocking “Wind at Your Back” inspired by the Irish blessing and takes you on a journey that ultimately brings you home to the meaningful and conversational folk song, “Connections.” She explores whimsical love in the everyday moments (“The Fact of the Matter”/”You’re the Answer”) and across great distances (“2,000 Miles”), the ambiguities of relationship (“Diamond’s Edge”/”Fallen Angel”) and the love for a child (“Cate’s Cradle”). In “Shoulda Known Better” Allison addresses the issue of domestic abuse from the child’s perspective with a humorous approach and a twist at the end. She gets your body swaying to the beat of “Caribbean Life” and captures the sentiments of a nation with her poignant tribute to the brotherhood revealed “On the Day” of September 11, 2001 (a song that received airplay on radio stations across the country).

Chris Gage
Christine Albert
Eddie Cantu
Chris “Grammy Nominee” Maresh
Miss Lavelle White
Paul Pearcy
Eamon McLoughlin

Released by: Little Ditty Records
Produced by: Christine Albert & Chris Gage
Art Design by: Dick Reeves