Storytelling Videos

Welcome! Here you’ll find some recordings from various storytelling events. Enjoy!

“Rocky Horror” – This is the video of my story for The Moth GrandSLAM in Detroit 9/20/12, The theme was “Fall from Grace.” ¬†This is the story of my first high school dance. For real.

“Maternal Instinct” – here’s a bootleg recording from the science-themed storytelling series, Story Collider. The theme was “fluctuations” and this is my story about maternal instinct vs. “cruel heartless science” when it comes to child rearing. I also told this story for Story Collider in Brooklyn, NY, but it’s this version that ended up on their¬†Story Collider podcast.

Here’s my story for The Moth Mainstage at The Power Center in Ann Arbor, MI June 23, 2011. The theme was “Crack Up: Stories of Comedies and Calamities.” It’s a pretty heavy story, as most of The Moth Mainstage stories are the big transformational one. So, I’m warnin’ you is all…