Storytelling in Organizations

“The best leaders are Storytellers!”  – FORBES MAGAZINE, 1/4/14

The ancient art of Storytelling has seen a resurgence today, not only in the realm of entertainment, but in business as well. Top global organizations (Microsoft, Nike, P&G, Motorola, NASA, World Bank) use storytelling as a leadership and marketing tool because storytelling has the power to engage, inspire and produce results.

Allison works with entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to:

  • expand their understanding of story: structure, elements, genres
  • develop their skills in story crafting and story telling
  • expand their repertoire of stories
  • uncover engaging personal anecdotes for networking
  • identify the right story to tell for specific audiences, purposes, & settings
  • use storytelling as a tool for building community in the workplace
  • develop a compelling business narrative


Courses: Allison offers courses in business storytelling from 2-day intensives to semester-long seminars. She is currently teaching a 14 week (42 hrs.) course in Storytelling for Business for the Haworth College of Business, MBA program (Western Michigan University). Consider bringing Allison in to teach a course for your organization or educational institution.

IMG_7603“I appreciated your technique on how to boil a story down to examples, emotions, experiences, and the senses for both the problem and the solution… You engaged a tough audience. The breakout sessions catalyzed a great amount of discussion within our group.”                  – Jeremy Neilitz, MBA candidate (Haworth College of Business) & Materials Manager (Stryker)

“In the often-stale business school, your friendly and informative talk was a breath of fresh air.” –Audrey Thompson, MBA candidate

Workshops: Allison offers evening, 1/2 day & full day workshops in these areas:

  • Pulling the Heart Strings: Storytelling for Business Pitching
  • Bringing Yourself to Your Business: From Personal Narrative to Business Narrative (ideal for entrepreneurs)
  • Story Circles: Developing tools for workplace communication
  • Storytelling 101: The basics of story crafting and story telling

IMG_9775“I thought the creative process you showed us was surprisingly effective! Allison got me to fully listen and engage, a great demonstration of expert storytelling” – MBA student

“Allison was so full of energy and enthusiastic. It really kept us engaged.” – Andy Eaton, owner, Savvy Formal Dress & Exchange

 Coaching: For a one-on-one customized learning experience, let Allison be your storytelling coach!

IMG_8239“Allison helped me completely reframe my approach to pitching to investors by teaching me ways to foster a human connection between the speaker and listener. Thank you!” Audrey Thompson, MBA Candidate

“Absolutely riveting as an artist, coach and facilitator. Do not miss the chance to work with her – it will raise your bar in spades!” –Aviva, “Live Out Loud” Women’s Retreat Series

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** To learn about non-business focused storytelling workshops, retreats, and coaching go to the Teaching page

‘Story is the DNA of meaning. It is crucial any time that a leader wants to embed a sense of meaning into a goal, a beginning or an end, a relationship, a value, a team or an individual. In fact, story is useful in every situation where communication is important.’                                                                                    –  Matt McAllistar, “Storytelling in Management” in Institute of Leadership & Management, April, 2013